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with Digital Marketing Bricks we can tailor a strategy directly to your needs. Why wait any longer to take your success to the next level?

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Digital Marketing is already complicated, there’s no need to make choosing a provider difficult too.


Of course, some people have magic intuition, but we excel by making our decisions on data. If you don’t have the infrastructure in place to collect that data, well then, that’s a great place to start!

Choose Your Bricks

There’s a lot of noise and complication out there, at Cooper Clicks we’ll sit down with you and help you identify the Digital Marketing Bricks you need to get the most of your marketing activity.

Experimentation & Feedback

Long-term strategies are necessary for success, but the ability and willingness to pivot is crucial. We identify a range of experiments which will help us get closer to the end goal and then deliver valuable insights so everyone can continue to refine.

Our Bricks have driven some great results for clients

We have generated over £2.7 million in revenue using this strategy.

250% Increase in Monthly Conversions

Conversions - Website Sign-Ups, Calls, Emails

A location-specific brand awareness strategy on Facebook, coupled with an intent-harvesting Google Ads structure allowed us to increase the monthly conversions from Paid Channels by 250%.

Truly Impactful Ads Strategy

Bottom Of Funnel Conversion - Subscribing Customer

Starting in November 2020, we completely pivoted this Google Ads account to target a significantly higher quality of lead. We increased the Top of Funnel conversion rate by 310% to 10.5% by November 2021, while maintaining a tight control of the Top of Funnel cost per conversion rate.

Doubled Revenue from Ads in Just Two Months

Instant impact: Conversions - Purchases

I was handed control of a poorly structured ads strategy; neither Facebook Ads nor Google Ads were performing well. After the initial audit and a rebuild of both accounts, we doubled the ads revenue within two months; all while maintaining the same ads budget.


Simon Deen

Simon Deen Real Estate

I had been looking for someone to handle my Google Ads for a while, but kept coming up against dead ends. A mutual friend recommended John and I haven’t looked back since. He immediately understood what I was trying to achieve and was able to translate that in to a well thought through strategic plan with key performance indicators which made sure that we were both focused on achieving our goals. His weekly reports make understanding progress easy, he explains everything clearly and concisely and most importantly of all, he’s a pleasure to work with.

Mike Hill

One Planet Pizza

John has always been super responsive and has always produced quality work in a timely manner. It’s been great to have someone with extensive digital marketing knowledge on hand as we’ve run a lot of our other business and marketing decisions past him.

Mikus Opelts


It’s been refreshing to work with a growth marketer that cares about our business and tailors his suggestions to what we need, and not what funnel comes out of the box.

Natasha Grove

John has done an excellent job of running our Facebook and Google advertising for our interiors store and property rental business. With a highly targeted strategy he has helped us to grow our customer base and increase sales within both businesses. Weekly reviews and in-depth analysis ensure that we are always on top of our advertising campaigns, and John is forthcoming with recommendations and quick to find solutions to any problems. John is positive, responsive, calm, and overall a pleasure to work with!

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