BRICKS - DEEP DIVE (not literally!)

Every challenge is unique, and so is the Structure we build for each client. Read a case study to find out more about the Upskilling Bricks in action.

upskilling Brick 


A hands-on learning experience for your employees.

The perfect Brick to ensure junior or new-to-PPC employees get up to speed - fast.

I am pretty open about my belief that, for most brands, the correct business decision is to own as much Digital Marketing execution in-house as possible. This is for many reasons but above all, an internal employee is, in most cases, a cheaper hourly resource than an external agency or freelancer. Consequently, assuming you can have an internal resource as skilled as any external resource you work with, over a longer-term view a business will see better financial returns from managing PPC internally.

However, the crux of that whole statement is “assuming you can have an internal resource as skilled as any external resource you work with”; it takes a lot of time (and mistakes) just to accrue the information necessary to be at that point. Never mind the ongoing time to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments, or even develop an in-depth understanding of how that relates to your business.

If your team is new to PPC management, either because you’ve just left an agency, you’re starting PPC for the first time, or you’ve hired a junior employee, the Upskilling Brick can help you ensure your team is trained by a professional (rather than internet blog articles), and with a specific focus on what will work best for your brand.

Upskilling always starts with a chat, first and foremost I need to understand where each individual is in their development, and what is the best way for them to learn. As a specialist in both Google & Facebook Ads, the primary focus is usually giving your employees a detailed understanding of each platform and their roles in the wider marketing mix, before moving on to the specific best practices and how to build and manage successful campaigns.

Often, Upskilling will be used specifically for ads management, but any services I offer can be taught.

The Upskilling Brick comes in three different packages, depending on the amount of time your team has to dedicate to the learning process. It ranges from 1 hour a week, right through to 4 hours a week.

Cooper Clicks recommends

Personally, my recommendation is to see Upskilling as a long-term cost associated with having the management of PPC in-house. The hours dedicated can fluctuate depending on budget, need, performance, and other factors.

However, unless your team has the time and discipline needed to stay on top of an ever-changing field, a regular touchpoint will always be beneficial and cost-effective; especially when it helps you avoid any common mistakes or pitfalls.

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