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The perfect Brick to quickly get your brand to the top of Google.

Google My 

Business Brick 


Most people aren’t aware of just how powerful a properly optimised Google My Business profile can be!

Ever wanted to be top of a Google search result but have been quoted a high fee or long lead time by an SEO agency? If the answer is no, you either haven’t asked the question or you haven’t asked the right person.

The simple fact is that SEO is complex. Properly done, it takes an insane amount of skill, knowledge, and time to optimise. You may be looking at a four-figure monthly retainer and a fair few months of activity before you see any impact.

Google My Business, however, is quite the opposite; and whilst it’s not exactly the same thing, the two are closely related. Both can get you to be the first result in a Google search. In fact, I tend to describe Google My Business as SEO-lite. Nowhere near as powerful or effective, but also nowhere near as expensive or time-consuming.

Through a tried-tested-and-optimised process, with Google My Business I can get your brand to appear at the top of a high-value Google search in less than a fortnight; usually within a week.

How can that be possible?

Well, first it’s important to differentiate the two types of ‘Top of Google’. Firstly, there is the standard SEO-type top of Google which refers to a standard results page where the very first link and text is your business.

Secondly, there is the Google My Business top of Google. A more user-friendly search experience. You can easily get directions to the business, click-through to the website, or get a star rating and reviews.

It goes by many names, the Map Pack, a Knowledge Panel, or “that Google box thing” but the important element is that you’re still the first result people see on Google.

So how do I get brands to the top of Google this way?

Well, it all starts with keyword research. I'll identify the best keywords for us to go after and then optimise all parts of the profile to cater to these specific keywords. Then, as Google My Business is aimed at being a user-friendly experience, I’ll fill out every single part of the profile in extensive detail, so you know, users do indeed have the best experience.

Then finally, I use keyword-optimised posts and metadata-optimised images to ensure that each day, Google is getting told that our profile pertains to our targeted keywords; and since Google is pretty smart, it quickly understands that we’re taking the time to buy into the Google My Business ecosystem, thereby giving searchers the best user experience.

Google likes that. So Google rewards that. Fast.

Whilst this was a quick, simplified version of the process, it really is that easy. I’ve been able to get multiple clients to appear in Position 1 for a range of highly relevant, extremely competitive keywords such as:

  • Dentist in Brentford
  • Dentist near me
  • Best coffee in London
  • Vegan burger London

Since Google My Business is significantly easier than SEO and there’s no ad budget involved, it’s one of the cheaper Bricks available, but packs a real punch for the price. 

It’s a great starter for small businesses who haven’t invested in Digital Marketing before; and the fast turnaround of results means you can see the impact almost immediately.

Is the Google My Business Brick a quick fix?

The important thing with Google My Business is to show Google that you constantly are giving your profile love and attention.

This Brick works best as an ongoing activity whereby month 3 work is mainly focused on daily posting, experiments, and tweaks.

Want to see an example of this Brick in action?

Check out our case study on Banning Dental.

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