BRICKS - DEEP DIVE (not literally!)

Ensure you know what’s going on in your business with the Website Tracking & Reporting Brick.




90% of all businesses I talk to are missing valuable insights about their website, business and customers.

How can you improve what you can’t truly track? You can’t, it’s as simple as that.

An accurate understanding of how your website is performing is absolutely crucial to improving your conversion rates - making changes or “improvements” to your website without insight is just shooting in the dark. Sure, you might get lucky. But more often than not, you’ll miss the mark, by a lot.

And the scary thing is, 9 out of 10 businesses I speak to are missing valuable insights about how their website is performing, and only a handful of the decision-makers at those same businesses realise they’re not seeing the full picture.

While you can find thousands of nice-looking templates and dashboards online, I’ve found that most only give basic insights. And, if you and all your competitors are using the same basic dashboards with the same basic insights, how will you ever beat them?

So, I decided the best option was to come up with my own system. Through magic bits of code installed through Google Tag Manager and lots of data exports from Google Analytics, Facebook Ads and whatever else you might be using, I’m able to pull the key insights you need into our own, simple to understand dashboard.

No more fancy graphs that confuse more than enthuse and no more vanity metrics; just cold, hard, easy to understand data focusing on exactly what you need to know.

With the Website Tracking Brick, you get the initial infrastructure set up to, amongst other things, help you monitor:

  • Ads performance through a range of metrics
    Website load speed by page
  • Scroll depth by each individual page on the website
  • General conversion rates for your core goals
  • Where conversions are coming from
  • What is the best performing email or ad copy

Of course, this includes a custom-created Weekly Reporting document that gets tailored to your business and needs. But, since no one wants just a shed load of numbers sent through each week, you also receive a regular Video Walkthrough of the report. In this, I explain what’s gone on, what trends we might be starting to see and give a quick health check of everything.

If that’s not enough for you, you can choose the amount of Reporting Calls you want. This helps you stay on top of what’s happening, where things are trending positively and what part of the business or website needs more work.

Instead of getting lost in the weeds, you’ll have all the support you need to pull the crucial insights you need out of the data we collect.

This Brick is absolutely necessary for any business aiming to get conversions out of their website.

It helps us all understand what is working and what is not.


Consequently, a basic version of this Brick is non-negotiable for most businesses wanting to run Digital Ads.

Are you wanting to understand if you can improve your conversion rates by:

  • Tweaking the colour of your call to action button?
  • Using video instead of images on the homepage?
  • Adding testimonials to your signup page?

Then this Brick is for you, as you’ll get a simple answer and an understanding of whether your change was statistically significant.

For businesses that are looking to get into Conversion Rate Optimisation, our Tracking & Reporting Brick can be upgraded to include Experimentation Reporting.

With this upgrade you’ll receive input on what experiments make sense to run and when, and then accurate, simple reporting on whether they were a success.

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