BRICKS - DEEP DIVE (not literally!)

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Improve your conversion rates with conversion-optimised landing pages.

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A great funnel needs a landing page that is tailored not only to the ad messaging but also the traffic temperature. If it’s the first interaction with a potential customer, you might want to lead with some customer testimonials, social proof, or long-form product benefits as opposed to your most expensive product offering, for example.

However, the driver for building landing pages isn’t only to improve your conversion rates. Google and Facebook both operate in the business of selling the attention of their users; a person makes a search using Google, who then sells the right to be at the top of that search page to a business, who hopes they can profit from that purchase. In recent years, with the growth of Bing, TikTok, and a whole host of competitors, both Google and Facebook have realised that to be a sustainable business they need to prioritise the experience of their users to retain them.

Enter the concept of Quality Scores (Google) or Landing Page Experience (Facebook). Both are proprietary metrics aimed at ensuring that advertisers who prioritise customer experience are rewarded; both metrics work to gauge the relevancy of the landing page to the user at the time of the click.

Brands with a Quality Score or Landing Page Experience score that is better than their competitors can expect to pay less in any given auction. This makes the brand more competitive, meaning it can appear higher than competitors for less money and that advertising budgets can be stretched further. The further a budget stretches the more conversions you can expect to drive.

So, in short, a Digital Ads strategy that incorporates tailor-made landing pages can result in better conversion rates (as the entire journey is succinct and relevant) and a lower cost per conversion (thanks to helping Google and Facebook retain their users).

Whilst most businesses love their website, sadly, few websites have the breadth of pages needed to satisfy both factors laid out above - which is where a tool like Unbounce comes in really handy. Without having to have a team of expensive developers on hand, we can add a range of on-brand, highly tailored pages to your Digital Ads strategy.

Furthermore, these landing pages are a great way to cycle through a range of visual layout and funnel experiments, any successful learnings can then be applied to your main website. It allows you to improve on your existing website in a cheap, safe environment.

We offer a range of landing page services that can fit any strategy. For starters, if you’re unsure of the UX (user experience) benefit of switching to landing pages, we can audit any existing pages and report back on general conversion rates, potential blockers, engagement metrics and even curate a flight plan of possible experiments to improve on things going forward.

Once you have decided that custom landing pages are the right path for you, we can get to wire-framing the design and building out the page. We wire-frame everything first to ensure that the end result is not only something that converts, but something you’re happy to call your own.

We can also manage landing pages. This involves implementing an experimentation flight plan to ensure learnings are gathered and codified, as well as daily health checks and any ongoing edits and updates to the page content.

Can I buy this brick as a one-off?

If you only want us to build the pages for you, that is fine with us. Either way, the pages are yours and remain active for as long as you maintain an Unbounce subscription.

When any of our landing pages are used in PPC, we include a complimentary report that shows the impact on Quality Score or Landing Page Experience over time, so you can understand the impact the activity has had on the financial efficiency of your campaigns.

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