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Digital Ads Brick


We talk mainly in Google & Facebook Ads as these are the best choices for most businesses, however, my expertise spans a wide range of different platforms.

All great ads strategies start with an audit. Whether you’ve never spent money on ads before, or you’ve just finished a quarter with a 6-figure ad spend, data is going to be crucial to getting things up and running fast.

We start by looking at what has come before, did it work? Why or why not? Was the account structured properly, was the tracking accurate?

Many different methods exist to audit a PPC infrastructure, but as the outcome directly impacts what comes next, we felt it was only right to develop our own system to ensure we get everything we need out of it.

And if you haven’t run ads before, well that’s not an issue. Sure, things tend to go smoother if the basic experiments have already been covered, but starting from scratch is a great opportunity for us to ensure every learning is gathered, documented, and milked for all its worth.

Once I’ve got an understanding of what needs to be done, I start mapping out the structure. While every brand requires something different, I have my favourite, tried-and-tested methods.

On Google Ads we consistently see the best performance through using Single Theme Ad Groups (STAGs); this involves taking desired keywords and grouping them into tightly-themed clusters. Ad copy is created and tailored for each STAG and your website is scraped to find the perfect landing page. Consequently, I create highly-relevant, micro-funnels to ensure that your customers have an optimal experience from start to finish.

With Facebook Ads, I prefer a three-tiered campaign bucket approach. 

Prospecting campaigns
These are your cold audiences, built on a variety of interest-based targeting and lookalike audiences. Your ad is shown to people most likely to be your ideal customer, but who may not have heard of your brand yet.

Reengagement campaigns
These are your warm audiences. Ads are shown to anyone who has previously engaged with an ad or organic post but hasn’t visited your site. This bucket tends to get forgotten, but it’s a crucial audience that you’ve already invested resources into educating - why not ensure you squeeze that effort for every last drop?

Remarketing campaigns
These are your hot audiences and include anyone who has visited your website but didn’t convert. Through a range of experiments, I can discover why people aren’t converting, what brings them back and how to reduce any leakages in your conversion funnel.

Daily management and optimisations is the key to making a good infrastructure a great ads engine.

At Cooper Clicks,  I have a set of daily, weekly and monthly tasks that I carry out to ensure that your ads operate as efficiently as possible.

Your ads run 24/7 so why doesn’t your agency?

Once the infrastructure is in place, the most important element is management and optimisation. With the full Digital Ads Brick you can bet that your account gets checked by human eyes every single day.


Not only that but with the help of a whole host of code I can auto-magically ensure that someone gets alerted as soon as something looks wrong: keeping your spend efficient and your brand safe.

Whilst a little bit of messaging and creative experimentation comes as standard with the Digital Ads Brick if you’re looking to gain real, actionable insights into what type of ad copy, images, or tone of voice (amongst other things) works best for your brand, you need to check out the Messaging Testing Brick

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