Digital Marketing Bricks

Sustainable business growth needs a solid foundation. While we can’t help provide all that foundation, we can ensure that you have access to all the building blocks you need to make your digital marketing a success.

What the **** are Bricks 

& why have you done this?

There is a logical reason behind this, trust me...

Over my career I’ve spent a lot of time interacting with marketing agencies; from being the client to the provider, I’ve been on all sides of the situation many, many times. One thing I’ve noticed, and this isn’t isolated to digital marketing, is there’s quite often two main issues in the relationship: an opaqueness around “what am I actually paying for?”, and a lack of transparency on the ROI of the relationship. Those issues aren’t fun for anyone, and from my experience it leads to sleepless nights and headaches for everyone involved.

Yet, it could all be fixed so easily. Scrap the idea of an all-inclusive monthly retainer for services rendered and instead, transparently assign a cost to each element of the service. This enables you to see where your money goes, and, more importantly, what is the ROI of each element.

So this led me to the idea of Digital Marketing Bricks. Each individual service becomes a Brick, with the aim of selecting and combining different Bricks to identify a Digital Marketing Structure that works for your company. No more sleepless nights, no more headaches, just easy, simple partnerships.

Since every business is different, we’ll help you cherry-pick the Bricks you need and create a Structure that closes the gap between now and Digital Marketing success.

So What Are The Bricks?

Here we give a quick, concise run-down of what each Brick is.

Digital Ads

The bread and butter of any successful digital marketing strategy. Whether it’s Google Search, Display, Facebook/Instagram ads or something edgier like Pinterest or Reddit, finding your ideal customer at the right time is crucial to hitting your targets.

Tracking & Reporting

If digital ads are the bread and butter, then accurate tracking and an understanding of your data is the whole damn kitchen; it’s where great digital marketing gets separated from good. There are loads of templatised reports and dashboards out there, some do the job, others are completely hopeless.

Since it is such a crucial part of what we do, we built our own from the ground up and extensively tailor it to each client’s needs. Using a little bit of techno-magical innovation, we pull in the relevant data from your business and package it up into easy-to-digest formats. No more getting lost in the weeds: with this, your data starts working for you.

Google My Business

Google My Business is the part of Google that usually comes up with a lot of information like opening hours, phone number, and website links. In its simplest form, it’s a great way of giving potential customers more information about your business.

However, with a bit of savvy optimisation, it’s a supercharged way to shoot your business to the top of a search for relevant keywords. Whilst it may not ever be a game-changer, Google My Business gives you the opportunity to appear as the number 1 result when googling “vegan burger london” or “best dentist near me”.

How valuable could that be to your business?

Landing Pages

We find that something as simple as mirroring the message from the ad to the landing page can increase conversion rate by up to 43%. Yet, the average landing page might be full of pitfalls, conversion-blockers, and most don’t follow best practice.

Whether it’s building from scratch or just giving recommendations for improvement of existing landing pages, this is the Brick for you!

Custom landing pages are hard working assets if used correctly. They can drastically increase conversion rates, reduce cost per conversions, allow for rapid experimentation to understand what would make your website perform better, but only if used in the right hands. Otherwise, the creation and review process can drain resources like little else.

Message Testing

You may not be surprised to discover that a brand's tone of voice can have a massive impact on its success, but it goes so much deeper than that.

Through rapid testing cycles and reporting feedback loops, we can gain a statistically sound basis for decisions pertaining to what works best with any given audience. Meaning you can learn the optimal way to speak to your customers.

The outcome of these experiments isn’t just useful for ads, but the actionable insights can be applied to any other customer touchpoints to help hit your sales targets.


Now, working with an external partner long-term isn’t right for every business. Sometimes, you want to internalise the skills and knowledge because an internal employee is a resource that can be spread a lot further.

I can work with your internal team members to educate them on the best practices and the ideal account set-up for your business, so you can slowly take the entire Structure in-house.


Whilst this Brick may be the perfect stand-alone for many businesses, it can also be a great follow-on for businesses choosing the Upskilling Brick.

Instead of being responsible for managing the Structure, here we can create a flexible relationship which allows your business to be fully in control but benefit from regular check-ins and a watchful eye from myself to ensure things stay on track.


I was taught Google My Business & some basic SEO by one of the best around; in doing so, I learnt the true breadth and scope of the field. Mastering it may be in my future, but for now, to ensure I offer the best service, I team up with Tim from

While there is a strong benefit in having your SEO and PPC under one umbrella, very few people have the ability to truly master both.


It’s a very similar situation here; I offer the writing of ad copy, but long form content or UI rebrands are a completely different kettle of fish. For this reason, I’ve teamed up with Rob from

Using The Bricks To Form a

Foundation For Growth

Inevitably some Bricks go hand-in-hand, and while we advise on what we think would work, you’re free to make your own decision about the Structure. You can purchase Bricks in isolation to supplement an existing infrastructure or buy the entire package; all at once, or in stages as you see the value.

There are no long term contracts, our Structure’s are sold on rolling three month contracts, only because each element needs time to be built, launched, and optimised before it has a chance to prove it’s worth.

From there, add, remove or scale Bricks at any time to fit the velocity of growth or changes in your business’s resources.

Start identifying the building Bricks for your strategy, book a call today.

How would a hassle-free digital marketing implementation help your business?