BRICKS - DEEP DIVE (not literally!)

Every challenge is unique, and so is the Structure we build for each client. Read a case study to find out more about our Consultancy Bricks in action.

consultancy Brick 


Supercharge your internal team with a little outside help.

The perfect Brick for well-established teams looking to ensure things continue moving forward.

Is your team capable but you just want to give them every helping hand that you can? Or perhaps you want to ensure that they learn by doing things themselves? Either way, the Consultancy Brick might be the perfect thing for you.

Often bought as a one-off or short-term solution, the Consultancy Brick aims at adding a little external knowledge to your existing Digital Marketing team.

Previously, my consultancy services have been used in three main use-cases, although, without a doubt, they can add value in other situations.

These three use-cases are:

An Extended Handover
A continuation of a working relationship as tasks are taken in-house. The primary aim here would be to ensure that the in-house team has the skillset and time needed to manage things, whilst ensuring that there’s an expert on hand to answer any pressing questions or spot where things may go wrong in the future.

An External Eye
Although I’m a big fan of things eventually being taken in-house, my experience has always been that internal operations can become a bit of an echo chamber. Internal teams are rarely focussed on PPC in isolation and so they aren’t always able to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices; but more importantly, and speaking from experience, in-house marketing teams can often get too fixated on one leak in the funnel, sometimes missing the gaping hole elsewhere. An external eye is often a fresh eye, someone who doesn’t fall foul of the “this is the way things are done around here” culture.

Overall, an external eye is usually best placed to advise on new experiments, potential hockey stick growth areas, and where resources may be better spent to maximise returns.

A Soundboard & Educator
Not to be confused with the Upskilling Brick, this section of Consultancy often focuses on strategic discussions around the finer details of PPC strategy. Your team may be great implementers but don’t necessarily have the experience to build out a detailed strategy; in this case, I can help them look at the situation, pull and analyse necessary data, and collaboratively build out a solid strategy. Your business gets results now but your team also learns the right methods so that the knowledge and processes become internalised for your business.

Without proper guidance and careful planning, your business may always be stuck in the “Agency Cycle”, not because your internal team doesn’t have, or can’t develop the skillset, but merely because they aren’t given a fighting chance.

How can I make the most of this brick?

Whilst there are likely many ways that the Consultancy Brick gets used, often it will focus around some of the examples explained above.

My assumption is always that management of Digital Marketing moves in-house over time because, let’s face it, that’s where your economies of scale lie. But often during this handover period results drop, brands get damaged and businesses can struggle.

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