Banning Dental Group

Increased Google Search presence within a matter of weeks using Google My Business.


Banning Dental Group is a modern, family dental practice with many clinics across London and Kent. The brand, which takes its inspiration from Scandinavian healthcare, has won numerous awards and is a leader in quality dental treatment. Across their clinics, Banning Dental Group offers a wide range of general dentistry and cosmetic treatments.

As a patient, I had a rather touch-and-go experience with the Google My Business profile of one of the branches - the location was ever so slightly wrong. After reaching out and explaining the situation, I discovered that they were looking to supplement the number of customers at their Chiswick branch. After a quick audit of the existing Google My Business profile for this branch, I saw that this could be used to augment their existing strategy. Above all, I saw we could increase brand awareness and improve new customer acquisition without the heavy costs associated with proper SEO agencies.

Despite a market-leading experience, Banning Dental Group Chiswick was suffering from poor visibility on Google. This was driven by three main factors; excessive local competition, an under-optimised Google My Business profile, and a website focussing on the entire brand rather than this specific branch.

Additionally, because they had a very finite capacity, there was a definite cost to “over-marketing” the branch.

To provide low-cost, reliable customer acquisition their Google My Business profile needed a complete revamp.



Within 6 months, Cooper Clicks doubled the number of search impressions for the Chiswick branch [insert fancy number] through the careful and structured optimisation of their Google My Business profile.

By the end of the 7th month, using analytical reporting combined with content strategy, the number of new appointment bookings from the Chiswick branch were higher than the company's other branches’ [insert fancy numbers]%.


The process began with keyword research tailored specifically to their local area and their product offerings. This gave me insight into which keywords had the monthly search volume to get us the desired results, and which we could rank for fast.

I pivoted the profile to point towards these keywords in the title and descriptions while making sure the profile contained all the details I know Google loves to see.

The next step was to edit the metadata of all the images with the relevant information to rank - this cheeky little “growth hack” is a favourite of mine as it reinforces Google’s understanding of the profile.

Finally, I worked with the internal team to create a set of post templates that could be published on a daily basis to continue adding core, relevant data to the profile. This would ensure that the profile would receive a regular boost in any relevant Google search.

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