Massively Improved Revenue and ROAS Using a Highly Targeted Multi-Channel Ads Strategy


Independent, contemporary and luxury furniture and interiors business based in the Cotswolds.

After thriving as a primarily physical store for many years, once the Covid-19 pandemic hit the company needed to establish a successful online store - fast!

They wanted to outsource the growth of their online sales and reach a wider audience. The closure of their physical store meant they saw an immediate drop in sales and revenue, but the aim was to create an online presence and funnel that would make the entire brand more sustainable over the long term.

Cotswold Grey specialise in luxury furniture items, most of which are hand-crafted by artisans and come in limited stock. Therefore, traditional e-commerce advertising systems wouldn’t work, the products and ads needed to be constantly updated as products went out of stock; given the already great financial pressures created by Covid, this needed to be done without wasting any spend whatsoever on driving people to out-of-stock items.

The store had a great reputation among the local community and niche spaces, customer satisfaction was high and reviews were great. However, with high-ticket items and a lack of online presence there was an immediate and obvious difficulty with creating the trust necessary to facilitate purchases. For their online store to succeed it needed to expand its audience and to instil the same brand sentiment that the physical store has.



I built a multi-channel advertising funnel using both Google and Facebook Ads. Then, as the brand needed extra insight to understand how the online store was performing, I built detailed reporting to highlight the performance of every aspect of the website.

These ads lead to an increase in their online sales and, once allowed to reopen, in person visitations in the store for their higher priced items such as sofas and dining tables. As these customers visited the store, the salesman was able to also upsell some of the smaller items too, keeping the customer and salesman relationship alive which was very important for the brand.


Based on the criteria of this business's usual clients, we decided to steer away from using Facebook and Instagram ads and focus more on Google ads. By using Google ads, we were able to capture leads from users who were specifically looking for high-end, unique, or one-off pieces of furniture. We quickly learned that this wasn’t providing us with enough profitable leads. 

We then introduced Facebook and Instagram ads and created very detailed criteria of our target audience and initiated a remarketing campaign. We targeted users who had previously visited the website, viewed products and showed them similar items and advertised other complimentary products. This strategy resulted in solid growth in visitors to the online shop, online purchases and an increased number of customers to the physical store. 

By tracking the online website traffic from our advertisement, we were able to see a correlation to the customers coming into the physical store the week after the specific advertisements. By building an advertising campaign suited to the niche market of their items, we were able to set up a profitable online store and also retain the personal customer/salesman relationship which was very important for the client and led to more in-house upselling of products. 

ROAS quickly jumped from 0 to an average of 4x for each month, and it was estimated that the ads influenced a similar amount of revenue in-store to that which it drove online.
We created, from scratch, a scalable advertising funnel that increased the sustainability of the business through tough times; and delivered a range of insights and learnings on the business in general through the use of extended reports.

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