Tripled The Number of Monthly SQLs using Google Ads & Facebook Ads


Giraffe360 is a PropTech company providing high-quality cameras that capture high-res photography and market-leading 360 degree virtual tours of properties. The main target market is estate agents, however a secondary market can be found in service providers in the industry.

The brief was to identify and build an efficient digital marketing campaign to help the business grow its monthly number of subscriptions in order to achieve targets and secure their next round of funding; and to achieve the required funding the business had been set the target of tripling closed deal Quarter on Quarter.

The company was founded in Latvia and still kept most of its technical operations out there; this meant that they didn’t have much brand awareness in the UK market. Although the brand had dabbled with digital advertising, most of the marketing to date involved hard-to-scale channels such as events and targeted emails.

A round of funding was scheduled for three quarters away and so the company had a tight timeframe for bringing in convertible leads.



At the end of the 10 month period, we tripled the number of convertible leads per month without increasing the advertising budget. By utilising a heavy focus on audience and messaging experimentation, I was not only able to achieve the great results for the ads, but also provide long-term guidance on how best to communicate with target customers via any channel.

The increase in leads plus the learnings around the language to use meant that the MQL to Customer conversion rate increased drastically during our relationship.


Initially, as Giraffe360 is a B2B business, I decided to focus on Google Ads for conversions and Facebook Ads for brand awareness and messaging experimentation. However, after a short time and a review of the data, I realised that we were simple getting out-competed by bigger brands in the SERPs; both in terms of budgets and recognition.

This led me to re-direct more focus and budget to the Facebook Ads funnel to promote the brand. The main benefit of this is that, unlike on a Google search page, the brand would be seen in isolation, not right next to a bigger, better-known brand. This would allow us to drive more awareness and a greater understanding of the product differences and the superior USPs.

Essentially, Facebook Ads gave us more room to explain and prove the quality of the product without the pressure and shadow of the bigger brands. 

An extensive focus on messaging and audience experimentation boosted the performance of the ads over time. Using my previous knowledge of the property industry, I formulated a core set of different USPs and messaging styles to test. I implemented the tests over the course of a three month period which resulted in clear winners and losers which enabled us to refine the general messaging strategy to something that clearly worked.

Cooper Clicks Grew the digital ads strategy from effectively 0, to contributing 50% of all MQLs and 37.5% of all customers by the end of the relationship. Through efficiency increases in gathered by messaging and audience experimentation, I was able to achieve this while maintaining the same 3-figure ads budget. The strategy helped the business absolutely smash its 3x QoQ target and aided the successful round of funding.

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